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We’re proud to offer the following programs centered around preparedness and response. All service offerings are designed and presented by one of our skilled team members. Building on lessons learned through years of industry and hands-on experience, our instructors offer valuable and actionable recommendations throughout each presentation. Best of all, the instruction is paced to the skillset of our team, ensuring that all involved comprehend the concepts being discussed and can put them into practice at the conclusion of the session. Choose from one of the lessons below, or contact us to develop customized training or to inquire about pricing. Discount offered for EANE members.

CALM: Careful Approach with Leverage for Management

Keeping employees and customers safe is every company’s main objective today. Unfortunately, the reality is that the pandemic has heightened issues that can threaten a business’s security and balance. From mask and social distancing requirements, a rise in drug and alcohol abuse, financial stress, political discourse and increased mental health concerns, everyone is dealing with some level of stress. Problems arise when an individual is unable to channel this stress, and instead escalates emotions into a violent encounter.

We know it’s a chaotic time for employees, and supervisors and human resources professionals face a unique set of challenges with workforces either working remotely or returning to the office. While state and federal governments can assist with the “knowns”—testing procedures, reopening guidelines—we can help with the unknowns—the unpredictable behavior of employees or customers dealing with hidden stresses.

As trained police officers, we have firsthand knowledge and experience in dealing with erratic behaviors; we can teach you the tools to identify warning signs, and then to manage and mitigate others’ anxiety.

During this 120-minute CALM training program, attendees will learn de-escalation strategies using police department proven techniques including verbal judo, physical and situational awareness, environmental scanning and much more to nip incidents in their least destructive state. The class includes interactive attendee polling as well as situational exercises in small groups.

Hire Right, Fire Smart

While an employee’s behavior can’t be controlled, putting measures into place which prevent or mitigate the “worst-case scenario” can be controlled and put into action. Effective training provides your employees with the critical tools they will need to survive an incident at work or in a public setting.

  • Gain a keen awareness of what drives workplace violence through statistics and trends
  • Learn how to set the tone for ZERO tolerance within your organization
  • Understand how to identify problematic behavioral patterns during a pre-employment screening
  • Discover strategic interview techniques to weed out the wrong hires
  • Develop smart practices for exiting terminated staff
  • Understand when and how to employ the most effective resources available to you

OVERT: Occupational Violence Emergency Response Training or Active Shooter Training

We do not believe in “cookie cutter” training. PASS’s extensive and customized emergency response training begins with a minimum of one site visit. This allows us to tailor a program specific to your company by inspecting the physical space, identifying potential threats to the facility, and interviewing key security personnel including those assigned to the receptionist area. Prior to our in-person instruction, our team will review your Emergency Action Plans. Then, working with your Safety Officer to learn about the dynamics of the building and personnel, we will develop the in-person training program.

OVERT includes a four-hour presentation that covers:

  • 4-7-8 breathing techniques
  • Self-awareness training
  • Best practices to survive an active shooter event (Run, Hide, Fight model)
  • Reunification areas for employees to gather if exiting the facility during a real active shooter event

Employees will then be exposed to up to four (4) scenarios using “blanks” to simulate live gunfire during the active shooter response training*. Following the exercise, a one (1) hour consultation will follow, and a final report will be delivered detailing what trainers observed during the live scenarios.

Pricing varies depending on the size of facility and number of employees receiving the training.

Based on 121 people we require a minimum of two (2) training sessions at four (4) hours per session.

Who’s Coming to Work?

Sure, you know your employee roster, but how well do you know each member of your team or the issues they are facing in their personal lives? Do you really know who’s working for you?

Some may be dealing with extra stresses in the workplace due to COVID-19. Others may be facing financial pressures or emotional issues. Others still are trying to find a balance with their kids schooling at home. At the conclusion of this session, you will be able to recognize behavioral tripwires that, if missed, could lead to workplace violence.

Topics covered will include:

  • What law enforcement has dealt with during today’s climate (pandemic, civil unrest, political tensions) and how these dealings could translate into the workplace
  • Restraining order and domestic violence influence on workplace violence
  • The impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace: how to spot the signs of substance abuse and mental health issues
  • How best to address bullying and harassment issues
  • Performance management strategies for hostile employees

Through this interactive session, you’ll learn supervisor recruitment and mapping strategies as well as profiling skills to create behavioral snapshots (profiling the offender). In addition, you’ll leave ready to “coach like a cop,” and equipped with a workplace safety checklist.

Consulting Services: Internal Investigations

One of the most difficult responsibilities of individuals in supervisory or human resource roles is the act of performing internal investigations. Whether it is believed that an individual performed a criminal act or violated a business policy or procedure, the objective of any investigation is the same: to validate what occurred and supply documentation to support the disposition.

Let our years of experience in law enforcement and criminal investigations work for you—whether to review past or current cases, or to conduct investigations on your behalf.

Benefits of working with PASS:

  • We perform our investigations sensitively and discreetly.
  • All interviews are performed on-site at your place of business and follow internal investigative procedures established by your company.
  • Being removed from the situation, we provide unbiased findings and recommendations.

After we review all available materials and conduct necessary interviews, we will deliver a fact-finding report that details real, demonstrative, circumstantial, prima facie, direct, documentary and testimonial evidence. In addition, we will review the findings and provide actionable recommendations appropriate to the situation.

Contact us to discuss the challenge you are facing. Together, we will devise an action plan to best meet your needs.

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Everyone deserves to be safe—at work, school, in churches and other public settings. PASS can help to empower your team through role-playing scenarios, strategies and suggestions to employees, and by creating custom-tailored, effective emergency action plans.

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